Centre of Resources Excellence (CoRE)

A new program commencing in 2016 is our Centre of Resources Excellence (CoRE). This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) based program focuses on Western Australia's place in the resources industry and provides quality hands on learning in the fields of mining, energy and earth sciences. It is an excellent continuation of the Kent Street - Curtin University Mining Challenge which many of our primary schools engage in whilst in years 5 or 6. This is a select entry program and students will need to submit a copy of their school reports demonstrating above average achievement in Science and Maths in particular to be considered for this program.

Lone Walker – CoRE Fieldtrips

Have a look at our latest international Kent Street Rocks “The Land of Fire, Ice and Vikings 2015” made by Jett Coletti – year 11 Kent Street student.

Below: Earth and Environmental Science Teacher Suzy Urbaniak

Suzy - Iceland

The long awaited refurbishment of the school’s science building was completed in 2011 and officially opened by the Minister for Education in 2012.

The refurbishment of six of the science laboratories from the 1960’s design to ‘state of the art’ facility has created much excitement among the staff and students who moved in mid year in 2011.

The refurbished centre is enhancing learning opportunities for students as the use of IT in lessons are now much more accessible. This ‘state of the art’ facility includes a dedicated geo-science laboratory which will be the centre of the schools’ Earth and Environmental Science program, a program which has already brought much success to the school and individual students.

Our most recent successes include:

  • Adventurous and rich learning experience field trips from Shark Bay in WA to Hawaii.
  • State champions two years running in the prestigious Petroleum Club competition.
  • National representatives in the Science & Engineering Challenge.
  • Professional and industry support from the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (WA).

Industry, government and educators have as a mission the need to provide WA students with an awareness of the rich source of employment opportunities available in the minerals and energy sectors in the State of Western Australia.

To be part of this focus Kent Street science staff has successfully worked to forge corporate links to allow our students to be part of this exciting field. The links and networks of families, student graduates already working/studying in the field along with committed minerals and energy professionals continues to grow.

These links will provide students at Kent Street from Years 8 to 12 the opportunity to explore and discover a career passion in our resource rich State.

“Welcome to the resource Hot Spot of the world – WA and Kent Street Senior High School.”