Lower School

Year 7 and 8

In Year 7 and 8 all students do a common course in Term 1.

Term 2, 3, 4 the classes are reorganised into Pathway 1 (top) and 2.

Their course, text and assessments are the same with different levels of difficulty of concepts in the two pathways.

Year 9

The content strand changes each term.

Year 9, A Pathway 3 is created for students who have not coped in Pathway 2.

Year 10

The content strand changes every four school weeks.

Each pathway has a different content.

Movement can occur between pathways.

Year 10, the 3 pathways continue towards pre requisites for upper school Maths.

Pathway 1 leads on to Intro Calculus, Geometry & Trigonometry in Yr 11 and thus to Calculus and Applicable Maths in Year 12. Intro Calculus in particular is needed in a host of Science, Humanities and Environmental courses.

Pathway 2 leads to Foundations of Maths in year 11 and thus Discrete Maths in year 12.

Pathway 3 leads only to the non -TEE Maths in Practice and Modelling with Maths in Upper school.

All lower school courses are assessed by tests, assignments, investigations and in-class performance. The rigour reduces in the lower pathways.

Upper School

In Year 11 and 12 students need to select courses within their ability as there is no certainty that a later change is possible.

If a change does happen it will be a NEW subject and they will have missed work.

It may require a change of teachers in some other subjects too.

Advice to students and parents when selecting courses is based on achievement to date with emphasis on tests rather than out of class assessments. This is due to the weighting of testing in the final TEE results.

Typically the final mark is made up of

  • TEE - the EXAM 50%
  • School - EXAMS 25%
  • Tests - 10%
  • Out of class tasks - 15%

Clearly around 85% of the final mark is under test conditions. Students must be capable, not just willing to work hard to succeed in Year 11 & 12 TEE Maths courses.

The Maths Department encourages students to accept our offer of individual help available from their teacher before school or at lunch break each day.