Welcome to Kent Street Senior High School!

Located 10 minutes from the City Centre and 5 minutes from Curtin University of Technology Kent Street Senior High School is a school for everyone. In keeping with our School Motto "Courage to Achieve" we offer a culture of endeavour, achievement and enterprise and we take pride in being innovative, nurturing, creative and adventurous. We encourage our students to "think outside the box!" This culture is reflected in the success of Kent Street students over the past 77 years.

Our Mission

Kent Street Senior High School aims to empower our students to achieve through innovative teaching and mutual respect.

Our Purpose

Kent Street Senior High School provides a quality education to students from Year 7 to 12, providing for its diverse clientele through a broad range of curriculum pathways leading to university, other institutes of further education and the world of work.

Our Values

  • Respect for learning
  • Resilience to achieve
  • Responsibility to our school and community