School Nurse

The Community Health Nurse works closely with the school staff to foster self care by:

  • encourage students to take responsibility for their own health
  • promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • provide health information and education on an individual and group basis
  • promote the first aid principles and a whole school approach to provision of first aid care
  • assist students with chronic health conditions
  • Monitoring and support of children at risk
  • Promoting and supporting immunisation programs.

The role of the School health nurse in high school is primary health care and health counselling of adolescents.

Primary health care and health promotion are the basis of community health nursing. The core concepts include

  • promotion of health as a state of physical, social and emotional well-being
  • identification of community needs
  • participation by individuals and communities in their own health care
  • collaboration across disciplines and agencies to achieve positive health outcomes
  • culturally sensitive services
  • focus on promotion of healthy life styles, prevention and early intervention including Promoting and supporting immunisation programs within the school.

School facilities allow for the provision of basic first aid only. They are not designed for sick or injured students to remain at school. Parents/guardians will be notified when students are unable to continue class participation and they will be responsible for transport to home or hospital for care. Ambulance costs are directed to the parents/guardians.

Students are encouraged to limit visits to the nurse to scheduled breaks or before or after school. Their teacher’s permission is required to attend during class times. Appointments are required for non-urgent consultation.

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