The Courses at Kent Street Senior High School offers our students an opportunity to participate in State and National Speech Competitions, the chance to win scholarships and to study abroad as well as Australian universities.

Since 2013 Kent Street students have excelled, and been successful in securing the following language-based awards:

  • Gold Intercultural Learning Scholarship to study in Japan for 6 weeks – C.Jong
  • JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level 3 - H.Amil

Native speaker assistants at our school facilitate our students learning and this has contributed to the success of our students. We have set up a computer lab and use this IT in this subject area.

The two major bonuses of taking a language in the WACE Examination are:

  • Automatic addition of 15 marks in the WACE Language Examination
  • 10% increment in the overall aggregate score of WACE regardless of whether or not the language is included in the final calculation of aggregates.

Cuthbert Jong - Winner of the Gold Intercultural Learning Scholarship 2014

Cuthbert won a scholarship to study at Kenzo, Osaka Hagoromo Gakuen High School, in Japan for 10 weeks.

This was a wonderful opportunity for Cuthbert who excelled in achieving personal excellence.

The school principal of Osaka Hagoromo Gakuen High School, praised Cuthbert Jong for his great speech in front of all of the high school students.

“His Japanese speech was so impressive, so our staff members as well as our students were all so moved.”